Check Out The VA Mobile App Store!


Check out the VA App Store!

Here you will find access to more than a dozen apps, including those created specifically for Veterans and their Healthcare Professionals.

Check out some of the FREE apps you can download to your mobile phone…

PE Coach is designed for Veterans, Servicemembers and others to use in Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with a behavioral health professional. The App provides tools to help users work with their therapist during PE therapy to process their traumatic experience and reduce anxiety and fear.

PTSD Coach - Mobile App Icon

The PTSD Coach App was designed for Servicemembers and Veterans who have, or may have, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This App provides readily available tools to manage PTSD-related symptoms and stress and supports Servicemembers and Veterans with self-assessments, symptom-tracking capabilities, educational materials, and coping skills to address and monitor stress.

For both VA and non-VA care teams, particularly direct care providers including nurses, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists and Imaging staff, the Safe Patient Handling App provides evidence-based Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) techniques to help provide the safest care possible to patients. The app offers a blend of knowledge and tools to prevent injury of both health care professionals and the patients they care for by incorporating patient assessments, scoring tools, algorithms, equipment guides, videos for training and peer leader activity checklists. The information in this app offers the current best practices in SPHM at the point of care, preventing injury and improving interactions between patients and health care professionals.

Stay Quit - Mobile App Icon

The Stay Quit Coach App was designed to help Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) quit smoking. The App guides users in creating a tailored plan that takes into account their personal reasons for quitting. It provides information about smoking and quitting, interactive tools to help users cope with urges to smoke, and motivational messages and support contacts to help users stay smoke-free. This treatment is based on evidence-based clinical practices, and has been shown to double quit rates for Veterans with PTSD.

Summary of Care - Mobile App Icon

If you are a Veteran enrolled in VA health care, the Summary of Care App lets you receive and view your VA medical information in one place and from the convenience of your mobile device.

VA Launchpad - Mobile App Icon

If you are a Veteran enrolled in VA health care, the VA Launchpad houses all Apps that connect to VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and access your personal VA health information. This tool groups together VA’s Mobile Apps that require a secure logon to access your EHR. By signing in to the VA Launchpad once with a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account, you can access multiple Apps without logging in to each one individually. (NOTE: You can also access the Apps separately without going through the Launchpad.)

If you are a Veteran enrolled in VA health care, the Veteran Appointment Request (VAR) App allows you to request and view primary care and mental health appointments at VA facilities where you already receive care. VAR will also allow you to schedule and cancel selected primary care appointments directly through the app at facilities where you have a Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT).

For more information about these incredible apps, click here!

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VLER Health

“Connect Your Docs” through the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Health Exchange program. This program gives VA and non-VA health care providers secure access to certain parts of your electronic health record. This access reduces the need for Veterans and their families to request and carry paper medical records from one health care provider to another. It also provides other potential benefits to Veterans and their providers.

Connect Your Docs.png


You can Connect Your Docs online through either eBenefits or My HealtheVet.

If you are a Premium* eBenefits account holder, we invite you to Connect Your Docs through the VLER Health Information Exchange.

Here’s how to sign up today to begin sharing your health records:

  1. To get started, go to and log in.
  2. Select Manage Health.
  3. Scroll to the Health Records row and select VA Health Record Sharing.
  4. Select Manage My Authorizations and Preferences and then select Start Authorization.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions (you must click Yes to continue), then select Save and Continue.
  6. Mark the box and select Sign. You will then be prompted to re-enter your username and password.
  7. Finally, click Reauthenticate. (This next step may take a couple of minutes to process.)

If you have technical difficulties, please call 1-800-983-0937 for assistance.

To learn more about Premium eBenefits accounts, go to:

Once you have completed these steps, VA will be able to share your health data with non-VA health care providers that are part of the VLER Health Program to better coordinate your care.

A NEW easy way to sign online is by logging into your My HealtheVet account using DS Logon Premium (Username/Password).  If you don’t have a My HealtheVet account, go to the My HealtheVet website and register today.

  1. Log on to:
  2. Select the My HealtheVet button
  3. Scroll down and select the Login with DS Logon button
  4. Review the terms and condition on the Secure Direct page and select Continue
  5. Enter your DS Logon Premium (Username/Password) and select Login
  6. You will be directed to your My HealtheVet account
  7. Select the Personal Information tab
  8. The Connect Your Docs box will display on the right.
  9. Select the select manage authorizations link
  10. Select Manage my Authorizations
  11. Select Start Authorization
  12. Review the terms and conditions and select Yes, to Continue
  13. Review the information on the screen and select Save and Continue
  14. Check the box and select Sign
  15. Re-enter your DS Logon Premium Username/Password and select Reauthenticate
  16. When the message in the green box appears you may View/Print your signed form
  17. Select the Close button at the top right to return to your My HealtheVet account


  1. Download and print the VA authorization form (VA Form 10-0485).
  2. Mail it to “Release of Information Office” at your local VAMC

In Person:

  1. Visit the Release of Information (ROI) Office at your local VAMC.
  2. Ask for and complete the VA authorization form (VA Form 10-0485).
  3. Give the form to a member of the ROI office staff.

If at any time you wish to stop sharing your records , visit your local VA medical center’s Release of Information Office and ask for a “stop sharing” form (VA Form 10-0484) or call the toll-free VLER Health Information line at 1-877-771-VLER (8537) to request a “stop sharing” form.

You can also go online to opt out by following the steps below.

  1. Log into
  2. Click Manage Health
  3. Scroll down the page and click VA Health Record Sharing
  4. Click Manage My Authorizations and Preferences
  5. Click Revoke Authorization

For questions, call the toll-free VLER Health Information line at 1-877-771-VLER (8537), Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST.

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Apply For The Lifetime Liberty Pass!

Access the application here : Application

Read the guidelines here: Guidelines

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo created a new Lifetime Liberty Pass to permit qualified New York State veterans with disabilities discounted use of state parks, historic sites, and recreational facilities operated by the Office Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (State Parks) and the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Once issued, the Lifetime Liberty Pass will never have to be renewed!

The Lifetime Liberty Pass benefits includes free vehicle entry to state parks and DEC-operated day-use areas, as well as numerous state boat launch sites, historic sites, arboretums and park preserves; free golf at 28 State Park golf courses; free swimming pool entrance at 36 State Park pools, and discounted camping and cabin rentals at all 119 State Park and DEC campgrounds.

To qualify for the pass, the veteran must be a resident of New York State and provide State Parks with written certification from the United States Veterans Administration or the New York State Division of Veterans Affairs that the applicant is a war veteran with a 40% or greater service connected disability as certified by the United States Veterans Administration, or who has at any time been awarded by the Federal government an allowance towards the purchase of an automobile or who is eligible for such an award.

Note: New York State veterans with disabilities who currently hold a valid Access Pass may continue to use their pass for its duration. Prior to expiration, the pass-holder will need to submit their Lifetime Liberty application, VA documentation, a 2″ x 2″ picture and a copy of their valid NYS driver’s license or non-driver ID.

For more information click here!

Lifetime Liberty Pass
State Parks
Albany, New York 12238

For more information, contact 518-474-2324 during normal business hours.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of this application.

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Thanking You For Your Service This Veterans Day!

President John F. Kennedy once said on Veterans Day, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that our highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

On this Veteran’s day and every day “Thank you” for the many sacrifices you have made for our country. I have had the privilege to serve you for the past 13 years and look forward to the year ahead. Veterans Cyber World Inc. a 501(c)3 Charity that has been established to add additional services to the No Man Is An Island Program is gearing up in our mission to Pay It Forward and every veteran who attends the Computer Program.

 We honor all of you today and every day because we know that our Freedom is because of your sacrifice.

 In addition to the restaurants posted below. The following is a list of Veterans Day discounts on restaurants, goods, services and events for 2015. Please check back frequently as the list is updated daily.

All of the following discounts have been confirmed for 2015, either through press release or direct communication with the company.

We have some exciting things coming in 2016! Make sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and stay up to date with the latest from our blog!